Kebab ordering Software

Run your Kebab store with online Kebab software - Solution for kebab store online booking and order management software

Kebab booking software is a web-based application that allows customers to order Kebabs for delivery or pick up from your website. Customers can use delivery or pickup

As growing number of customers are using onlinefood ordering systems to order food, kebab software helps the business to transform their business to online ordering and delivery business. The software is capable of taking orders online and processing the orders in the kitchen and also help in the delivery and pickup of the orders.
Kebab ordering Software

Kebabsw Software Key Features

Easy to use
User centric design helps customers to navigate easily and place orders. Admin module and kitchen module is designed with staff andchef’s usability in mind.
Fully responsive
Our software front end is fully responsive for tablets & mobile devices. Your customers can conveniently order from any device.
Delivery & Pickup based on locations
Software has functions to manage delivery and pickup based on the store locations. Pickup or delivery functions include advanced features to manage the orders.
Multistore and branches
You have the option of managing orders for multiple stores under the same brand with the same menu. Ideal for kebab brands which was multiple location in the same city .
Business Intelligence dashboard and reports
Inbuilt BI dashboards and reports give you an insight into the business to take relevant decisions about your business.
Customise your order
You can pick and choose and customise your order with animated view of your order. Especially orders with multiple products mix like Split plates etc.
Manage your orders in kitchen
Chefs can view multiple orders in the same screen in order view to help them with the cooking process , once the cooking is completed it will give message to the admin or delivery that the product is ready for pickup
Flexible payment options
We will Integrate payment methods preferred by you and let your customers choose their preferred and flexible payment options.
Kebab ordering Software

Kebabsw Ordering system How it works

Customers can place the orders with the option of delivery and pickup with the option of choosing the location of the store they prefer to order . The order can be also be visualised using customised graphical display when they choose their customised orders.

The store can process the orders, at a time chefs can 4 orders opened up in the screen to start processing the orders, once the order is complete the admin and the driver gets intimation that the product is ready for pickup or delivery.

  • Multiple Branch of stores under a Main store
  • Separate dashboard for admin and its sub stores
  • Admin can create multiple stores and can view their orders
  • Individual store can manage their order and can process it
  • Setup of plate layout and its contents for customized orders
  • Chef can view multiple order details at a time on a single screen
  • Promotional code
  • Customer login where they can visit their profile and view their recent orders

Manage you Kebab store business

Use Kebabsw to manage multiple stores under your brand. Give your customer unique experience across all your stores.

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